Hello LFTP folks,

I have read the man page for LFTP as well as searched on the web, but I
guess I fundamentally do not understand the basics of LFTP.
My question is: How would I move a file from ~/Desktop to the NAS
public directory?

I can do this in Filezilla, but have been unable to get it to work from
the command line.

I tried several variations of :

lftp  mput ftp:// id="-x-evo-selection-start-
marker"> /home/john/Desktop/*.txt -p 21 -u

I am using mput to avoid typing the exact name of the file each time.
The public directory on the NAS is open to all users, but anonymous FTP
is disabled. A user name and password is required to FTP into the
public directory.

What am I doing wrong? I would greatly appreciate any help.

Thank you,

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