I am uploading files from my XUbuntu PC using the following command:

lftp -e "set ssl:verify-certificate false; set mirror:set-permissions true;
open 123456.w43.wedos.net -u 'w123456,heslo123456'; mirror -R -L --no-umask
--delete --delete-first --verbose=3
/home/user/work/web/wedos_webhosting/www/ /www; exit"

The files are uploaded correctly but on the remote site, all of them have
permissions of 640 instead of 644 (which they have on my disk). And the
directories have permissions of 750 (they have 755 on my disk). So my
website cannot be displayed because the files are not readable by
wehoster's webserver.

I can fix the permissions manually but I'd like to know what am I doing
wrong and how can I fully automate this.

I am using lftp 4.8.4, included in my XUbuntu distro.


-- František Fuka
-- www.fuxoft.cz
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