On 16/09/16 14:50, Yogender Gupta wrote:
Thanks Diego, Luca. Will take care of your comments for the next
submissions. Few points based on your review :

1. We can keep the default as HQ only instead of medium (mapping of
medium is already to HQ), however we found of lot of people
comfortable using slow, medium and fast, similar to what they find in
x264. And that is the motivation of adding these, and making one of
these defaults. At some point we may even have these kind of presets
only, nothing decided as yet.

That can be split in a separate patch I assume people using sdk 6 might like that.

2. Am bad at writing, will try to improve the log message next time

Adding few lines to explain the change is usually quite appreciated =)

3. I couldn't find any entry for
Range extensions for HEVC, so added, if you feel it already exists
let me know, and I will try to put a patch with the existing one.

I spun that in a separate patch, the change itself is ok.

4. The preset change may not be stray, the GUIDs have to be in the array
in the same order as they are referred by. LLHP and LLHQ somehow got
interchanged and that is why this change, let me know if I got this

It is ok, I'll spun this as a stand-alone patch with a bump in the version requirement in configure.

5. Will follow the notation more closely as suggested by you.

Much appreciated =)

lu - updating to sdk 7 now.
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