On 06/08/2017 00:53, Mark Thompson wrote:
> ---
> This is several patches squashed together to invite thoughts.
> The idea here is that we add a new array of possible hardware configurations 
> to codec definitions, expressed as a hardware device type and the matching 
> pixel format.  We can then use that to set up hwaccels without any additional 
> knowledge at all, creating the appropriate device at startup and then 
> matching the format in get_format in order to use it.
> This is implemented here in lavc with the H.264 decoder and then used in 
> avconv.  There is quite a bit of churn in avconv hardware setup as the choice 
> of device all moves around, but it is hopefully a bit clearer now (and less 
> likely to try to give devices to things not needing them).  "-hwaccel auto" 
> is reimplemented completely as using the first device from the codec config 
> list which can be instantiated.

I like the idea.

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