On 16/09/16 00:25, Lucas Barbosa wrote:
This is my first post.  So...  sorry in advance if I am posting this on the
wrong place.

In the course of a criminal investigation   it became important to gather
as much information as possible regarding the creation date of a mp4 file.

I managed to verify that the content was encoded with "Lavf55.33.100".  It
therefore suggests that the libavformat library was used to encode the
file, right?   So...  Could anyone tell me when this version (55.33.100)
went publicly available? If I know the release date I will know that the
file was encoded after that.

I googled it and tried searching old threads but didn't find an answer for

.100 denotes that is an FFmpeg version, not a Libav one. You should look for the libavformat/version.h history in their git.

I hope it helps.


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