On 17.09.2016 00:08, Lukasz Marek wrote:
I guess input device private data is not initialized, try to add this
code right after formatContext->iformat=inputFormat, just replace s with

    if (s->iformat->priv_data_size > 0) {
        s->priv_data = av_mallocz(s->iformat->priv_data_size);
        if (s->iformat->priv_class) {
            *(const AVClass**)s->priv_data= s->iformat->priv_class;
    } else
        s->priv_data = NULL;

Maybe ff_alloc_input_device_context function should be moved to
libavdevice's public API

Ignore this answer, it should work but manipulates private fields
You should use avdevice_list_input_sources. If still not working then please attach some *.c file so i can test it locally.
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