W dniu 07.09.2016 o 17:59, Kristijonas Malisauskas pisze:
First thing i would suggest doing is setting your AVCodecContext to use more threads

for ex: videoCtx->thread_count = 4;
I've done that and have a significant decoding speedup with some files but now some other mp4 files fail with:

[libx264 @ 0x3751e20] invalid DTS: PTS is less than DTS

[mp4 @ 0x35a05e0] pts (1548) < dts (2408) in stream 1

I'm using a modified transcoding.c example that handles my sample mp4 file correctly with thread_count=1 and fails with 0 , >1 or "auto".

What has to be taken into consideration when using multithreaded decoding?

Przemyław Sobala
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