Quoting Kris <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> I am currently trying to fix the find_result_field_types function so
> that it can work with aliases as well as multiple table selects without
> the table prefix (e.g. select * from one,two).  I'll see if I can use
> anything from daniels "dirty patch" on the cvs version.
> Kris.

I've had a look at the driver code yesterday, and I'm confident that I  
can migrate the code to the prepare/step/finalize interface which is  
now considered the default in sqlite3. This allows us to use the  
sqlite3_column_type() function which is preferable over the guessing  
code in find_result_field_types(). The only downside is that  
sqlite3_column_type() won't distinguish between integer types, so  
we'll probably have to keep some of the weird logic currently in use.  
If you find a way to make the current code work with aliases and such,  
I'll most likely be able to reuse this code with the new interface as  


Markus Hoenicka
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