Hi Vik,

Vikram Noel Ambrose <noel.ambr...@gmail.com> was heard to say:

> Ubuntu-9.10 x86_64, lidbi and mysql driver from the distro repos (
> I can insert a 40kb MEDIUMBLOB into a table with no problem, but when I,
> dbi_conn_queryf, dbi_result_first_row and then
> dbi_result_get_binary_copy_idx, I get an out of memory error.
> The blob seems to be consistent from an md5sum I took through the
> mysqlclient.

Could you provide a stripped-down testcase to reproduce this problem?  
I'd like to see if it fails on 32bit systems as well.

> I tried to debug the problem, by downloading the libdbi/-driver sources
> and peppering it a little. But I cannot run the compiled code on my
> machine. I get a general protection fault from libdbi.so.0.1.0 when I
> try to run my home built dbi.

Did you check the distro repo for any patches that they applied? They  
might have fixed 64bit issues, if any. If they build from stock  
sources, at least an unmodified homebuilt library should work ok.


Markus Hoenicka
AQ score 38

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