Phil Longstaff writes:
 > any idea on when the next release of libdbi will be?  It's been a long
 > time since the last one and there are some good changes in svn.


I wouldn't place any bets. I've been discussing things with João
lately, he has put an enormous amount of effort into updating our test
harness which is way better than the old one. We ran into problems
with firebird which both of us were unable to solve. Our latest guess
is that the test code triggers a documented firebird bug which we
can't work around. If we drop firebird support for now, we could
release a new version after doing some minor cleanup. Unfortunately
I'm haunted by a couple of deadlines in the next couple of weeks, so
it is very uncertain whether I'll be able to finalize a release.

Needless to say, test reports using the current cvs version are always


Markus Hoenicka
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