Hi all,

after a longer hiatus there is a new libdbi release available for
download. This is merely a maintenance release which was requested by
the Debian and Ubuntu packagers (see Bug#592447 in the Debian bug
tracker). There are no end-user-visible changes compared to the
previous release, so if you have 0.8.3 installed there are no benefits
of installing the new version.

The following changes were implemented:

- bumped the package version number to 0.8.4

- updated some autotools-related things in configure.in, autogen.sh,
  and Makefile.am (recent versions need AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR set
  properly, otherwise I wouldn't be able to bootstrap the build on my
  FreeBSD development box)


- backported the --disable-docs behaviour fix in configure from HEAD

Bumping up LIB_CURRENT was necessary due to backwards-incompatible
changes in constants. We had planned to handle the library versioning
thing appropriately starting with 0.9.0, but the Debian folks were
eager to upgrade their (even more outdated) 0.8.2 packages to
0.8.3. This would have screwed up dozens of their packages unless the
so name issue was fixed.

Our greatly enhanced, all new and shiny 0.9.0 will be shipped real
soon now (TM). However, the Debian folks have suggested a bunch of
upstream patches which I'm inclined to include in the next release, so
don't hang on the edges of your seats.


Markus Hoenicka
AQ score 38

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