unless you've already noticed I'd like to draw your attention to the
fact that after years of heavy development :-) libdbi and
libdbi-drivers are available at version 0.9.0. Although development
definitely took way too long due to my enormous workload in my dayjob
during the past couple of years (plus some extra burdens in my private
life), the releases are finally out in the wild. I hope that all
who have contributed code, ideas, and bug reports can be proud of the
result. I'd like to specifically point out the new test kit, the
concept of libdbi instances, transaction support, and the enormous
speedup of reading MySQL result sets sequentially, all of which were
either coded or requested by avid users. This holds true even if most
of the cvs checkins carry my name - I've checked in lots of things
originally provided by others.

I'll update the web pages asap (see above).


Markus Hoenicka
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