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this email just to notice that at OHM2013 Hacker's Camp http://ohm2013.org there will be several talks on Whistleblowing. It's very interesting to note how Whistleblowing has become an hot-topic for hackers and digital hacktivism! :-)

We may need to organize a "meeting" other than those lectures to discuss among all various players and people interested on the topic. Program (getting updated) https://ohm2013.org/site/program/ with a summary below:

Hermes Center: "Digital Whistleblowing with GlobaLeaks"

We'll introduce Digital Whistleblowing, how it's effectively used and adapted to different context: Investigative Journalism, Activism, Corporations and Governments. The new GlobaLeaks 0.2 software will be presented with a show case of design, security principle and tips on how to use it or hack it.

Volker: ADLeaks: "A Secure Submission System for Online Whistleblowing Platforms"

This talk covers the design and current state of implementation of a submission system for online whistleblowing platforms that is meant to provide anonymity against end-to-end traffic analysis.

Annie Machon: "The three wars (terrorism, drugs, internet)"

Based on her own experiences as an Intelligence Officer for MI5 (the UK domestic security service) and a whistleblower Annie Machon will talk about the relationships between the wars on 'terror', drugs and the internet.

Sander Venema: "Howto Build a Whistleblower's Website: Maintaining Your Users' Privacy vs. Getting the Message Out"

This talk is about the possible conflict between getting your message out there, and trying to maintain your site visitor's privacy. This talk will highlight some of the issues that need to be taken into consideration when building websites for whistleblowers with high security & privacy needs.

Dr Suelette Dreyfus: "Whistleblowing in the Digital Age -- What the public thinks"

How do different cultures perceive whistleblowing? This talk compares citizens' attitudes toward whistleblowing across several different countries. It will also reveal early results on public attitudes to using social media to blow the whistle, from the World Online Whistleblowing Survey. Finally it reviews some of the advances, proposed or actual, for whistleblowing laws in different countries.

Fabio Pietrosanti (naif)
HERMES - Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights
http://logioshermes.org - http://globaleaks.org - http://tor2web.org

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