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Digital Rights Foundation has launched its new report titled "Digital
(in)security of Journalists in Pakistan" which explores the levels of
digital threats that journalists face, records their experiences of online
insecurity, and concludes what protections they desire from the journalists
community, their respective media organisations, and the government.

The report points at the appalling condition of online harassment and the
sense of discomfort that journalists face while being online because of
their work. It finds that 78% of the respondents of the survey had
experienced some form of online threat or harassment; 92% respondents think
that online harassment is really common; 45.5% of them thought that online
insecurity resulted in them self-censoring themselves; and 56% of them
think that online insecurity is tied with their physical safety.

In the light of stats collected from the working journalists, the DRF put
forward some recommendations that the journalists can benefit from if they
are implemented. The report can be accessed here: https://digitalrightsfou

The report is the effort of the team of Digital Rights Foundation, DRF's
Network of Female Journalists for Online Safety which helped us in
connecting with the journalists, and of course all the Pakistani
journalists who took part in our research.

With this report, we aim to make the working conditions of the journalists
in Pakistan better and their online activities secure because we believe
that all that we do in the digital rights community wouldn't have been as
impactful as it is had our journalist friends and colleagues wouldn't have
dispensed their time and energy in reporting unbiased news and helped us in
spreading the world beyond.

Looking forward for your feedback.

Nighat Dad
Executive Director
Digital Rights Foundation
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