https vs http is a very long story with this app in W3C discussions
(basically W3C people think that it's less secure to have ws + Tor
protocol, than wss + Tor protocol (which is not possible), therefore you
can' t "downgrade" a https connection with ws+Tor protocol ), then
unfortunately everything is http here

The right link is , and not www.peersm which
goes elsewhere, not working for you? (you just have to wait a bit that
the Tor circuits are established, which again has nothing to do with
this topic but is required)

Le 02/02/2018 à 18:52, Jens Kubieziel a écrit :
> * Aymeric Vitte schrieb am 2018-02-02 um 18:01 Uhr:
>> This is not the purpose of the project ( but you
>> can use: (this is a standalone js app,
>> everything stays local for our concern) but the app will not work if it
>> can't established circuits with the Tor network (which has absolutely
>> nothing to do with this topic but that's how it's working)
> Thanks for your hint. I wanted to try it, but ran into some strange
> behaviour: The sites, and
> load load in my browser. But I wasn't able to
> load
> Furthermore shows other content than
> Could you have a look at the application?

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