> From: HARNIDH KAUR<kharn...@gmail.com>
> I don't think most of you know this, but I work in the development space
> and we're always trying to find cool ways to make tech make the world
> better. I've been trying to read up more about the same. So, here.
> Is 'kind technology' a thing? Where people are trying to change gears of
> existing/incumbent technology to specifically serve vulnerable populations?
> Any existing ideas/something you're working on/things you think SHOULD find
> a kind tech iteration. Gimme!

I would consider things dubbed #tech4good as "kind technology". There is
a long, long list of examples of these kinds of initiatives on the
tech4good / ICT4D branch of the TechSoup community forum: 
I regularly post examples to this forum, as do a few others.  

I certainly consider all tech that gives Internet accessibility to
people with disabilities - assistive technologies - as well as
technology that is designed to be accessible for people with
disabilities (people using screen readers, people with color perception
challenges, people who are using a tool that is the equivalent of
tabbing on a computer - meaning they cannot use features like
mouse-overs, etc.) as "kind technology.  

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