This is not new. I remember the Privacy Conference in Canada some years
ago (i think it was on 2013 or 2014), sponsored by Facebook, and the
most famous privacy-advocate activists going there. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Some of them read this mailing list, and work on privacy-advocate NGOs,
or related conferences organization. 

On 21/09/18 22:52, Whonix wrote:
> what kind of fucked up "Privacy Conference" to make Google and Microsoft
> the sponspors?
> Félix Tréguer:
>> Thanks for this initiative, which I gladly join.
>> Microsoft and Google are also among the sponsors of this conference. And
>> many of the concerns expressed about Palantir similarly applies to them.
>> I think their ties to this conference, and more generally to the
>> academic field, is also problematic. I just wish the statement had also
>> acknowledged that.
>> Thanks again,
>> Félix
>> On 9/21/18 11:36 AM, Niels ten Oever wrote:
>>> Dear all,
>>> The Amsterdam Privacy Conference is about to kick off with Palantir as
>>> the Platinum Sponsor. We, as a group of researchers and advocates are
>>> dismayed by this. If you are too, consider signing up to the statement
>>> below, by sending an email with your name and affiliation (or just your
>>> organization if you want to sign up with your organization) to
>>> You can also find the statement at
>>> Best,
>>> Niels

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