Reymar Perdomo is the author of a song that has gone viral in Peru and
Venezuela and that has become an unofficial anthem for immigrants and
refugees everywhere.

Reymar told a talk-show host that her favorite 3 singers were Carlos Vives
, Andres Cepeda

So the talk-show host got together with her favorite 3 Latin American
superstars to plan a special welcome for Reymar: Surprising Reymar with her
three favorite singers on a bus upon her arrival from Venezuela in Peru.

Why did the Latin American superstars agree to do it? "Because compassion
doesn't know nationality," said one, adding, "We're all the same."

So Reymar's 3 favorite singers put on disguises and got on the bus. In the
meantime, the talk-show host used the pretext for Reymar to get on the bus
that he wanted to record her journey from Venezuela to freedom by having
her play her viral song live on various buses in Peru.

Now, watch the following video carefully:

You'll notice that after Reymar comes on the bus, starts singing her song,
and reaches the chorus, her 3 favorite singers will surprise her by singing
the chorus with her and taking off their disguises.

Sometimes humanity is best communicated and felt through music, a
technology that may be used to foster liberation but one that we often take
for granted.
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