From: Greg Toth <>

In mid-January, I put out a call to canvas contents of your emergency
equipment boxes.

Many thanks to the dozens of people who got back to me; the response was
far more positive than I expected.

Many wished me to circulate my findings so I put together a list of most
commonly used emergency equipment. Please see it below.

The major emergency equipment suppliers were Buck and Hickman, office
suppliers, Preservation Equipment Ltd., Conservation By Design, and local
hardware suppliers.

   - Access to keys (location of master keys)
   - Action log
   - Action plan template
   - Aprons, Disposable plastic
   - Bags, Polythene, Sealable
   - Bags, Rubble
   - Batteries
   - Bin, Plastic with lid
   - Blankets
   - Blotting paper
   - Box, Stationery
   - Boxes
   - Bubble wrap
   - Buckets
   - Camera, disposable [evidence for insurance purposes]
   - Clipboard
   - Closure sign
   - Cloth, Absorbent
   - Contact details for hiring a water vacuum
   - Contacts, instructions and priority list
   - Copy of full emergency plan
   - Copy of insurance guidance
   - Crate, Stickers
   - Crates, Plastic
   - Cups, Plastic
   - Dehumidifier
   - Disinfectant
   - Disposable Respirator
   - Dust pan and brush
   - Extension lead
   - Fans (cold air)
   - First aid kit
   - Flannel
   - Floor plan of the library
   - Gloves, cotton
   - Gloves, rubber
   - Goggles
   - Hats, Hard
   - Headlamps
   - Hi Viz jackets
   - Hi-Vis Waistcoat
   - Instructions for turning off utilities
   - Keep out notices
   - Kitchen roll
   - Knife, Cutter
   - Label, Tie on
   - Labels, Adhesive
   - Latex, Gloves
   - List of internal contacts including mobile phones
   - Location of plastic crates
   - Location of sandbags
   - Location of trolleys
   - Major Incident Plan
   - Markers, Waterproof
   - Masks
   - Masks, Dust
   - Megaphone
   - Mops
   - Notebooks
   - Overalls
   - Pads, absorbing
   - Paper
   - Pencils
   - Pens
   - Protective Suit
   - Risk assessment plan checklist
   - Roll, Polythene
   - Rope
   - Rubbers
   - Sacks, Black plastic bin
   - Scissors
   - Sheets, Absorbent
   - Sheets, Plastic
   - Spill kit (PIG socks and pillows)
   - Sponges
   - Spotlight
   - Tags with Strings
   - Tags without Strings
   - Tape measure
   - Tape, Adhesive
   - Tape, Barrier
   - Tape, Cotton
   - Tape, Dispenser
   - Tape, Duct
   - Tape, Hazard
   - Tape, Hazard warning
   - Tape, Masking
   - Tape, Parcel
   - Toilet tissue
   - Torches
   - Torches, Head
   - Trolleys
   - Tyvek tags
   - Water spray, Hand-held
   - Wellington boots
   - Wet / dry vacuum cleaner
   - Wheeled dolly

Best wishes,

Greg Toth
Head of Collections
The Wiener Library for the Study of the Holocaust & Genocide
29 Russell Square, London WC1B 5DP
Tel: 020 76367247
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