Over the years, the LP has had one thing that made it better than all
other parties.  It's the one thing that made it stand out, and which
made it the only viable option for making peaceful change in America
and that thing is our libertarian principles.

Last weekend those principles were sold out.  There was a transparant
plan on the part of a small pro-war minority in the party to take over
and toss our principles out the window.  They planned this cruise to
exclude as many real libertarians as they could and to outnumber us
and outvote us.  They succeeded and now the LP is dead.

M. Carling and his little bitch Aaron Star refused to seat delegates
who filled out the membership application, signed and dated the
pledge, and who paid their membership to not one, but 2 members of the
Ex-Com acting in their official capacity as representatives of the
Libertarian Party of California.  Aaron Star said that their
application wasn't valid because it wasn't "postmarked" as if that
mattered.  There was no written rule requiring a post mark.  These
people were told that they were members by an official representative
of the party and bought tickets to the convention based on this, and
the fact that they were told that in the history of the Libertarian
Party of California, no member has ever been refused a seat as a
delegate.  M(idget) and Aaron said that they weren't members for 90
days so they couldn't be seated.   They ignore the fact that Gail
Lightfoot's son (who wasn't a member before) registered on the spot at
the last convention and was allowed to be a delegate.

These 2 people were the youngest in the room and were among very few
who weren't white.  I suspect both racial and age descrimination, and
not seating them specifically because they were with me.

They will be taking the LP of CA to court to sue for re-imbursement of
the money they spent on membership, and the more than $400 each they
spent to take the cruise, and I will be a witness for them.  This is
another story though.

John Kennedy said, "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible,
make violent revolution inevitable."  

I agree with this and since the door has been closed for peaceful
change by the scummiest, dirtiest, most worthless people ever to join
the LP, I will use the only option I have left.  Any blood spilled
will be on their heads.

I have a lot of respect for Rodney Austin, but a lot of this was his
fault.  He was on the judicial committee and he allowed this
anti-libertarian cabal to violate our bylaws which state the
convention must be within the state of California or in another state
(aka within the USA) with the involvement of the LP in charge of that
region.  Since there is no International LP, having the convention in
International Waters invalidates the entire thing.  If Rodney had
actually stuck to the bylaws, they wouldn't have gotten away with
this... and trust me, they still might not get away with it.

I'm running for Congress, and right now I am considering dropping out.
 But before I drop out, I am very tempted to do something so
outrageous and horrific during a televised interview, it would give
the California LP a black eye it might never recover from.  I'd rather
see the LP destroyed entirely than to see it misused and have its
principles tossed out the window.

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