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> One thing that's always bugged me about traditional Libertarianism, is
> the plain fact that no matter how "willing" we are, we're actually
> still submitting to force when being taxed for things like law
> enforcement and the military.

The entire Justice System, including Law Enforcement, can be wholly
funded by Perp Fees. A common misperception is that there are Perps
who cannot pay their fines. That really isn't true. Everyone has
SOMETHING of Value that can be taken from him when he Initiates Force.
If he is healthy enough to cause trouble, he is healthy enough to
have usable organs. Or he can serve as a sex slave or a lab rat or
something if he prefers to keep his organs or they are infected. Up
to him. No shortage of money.

I haven't worked out the Military thing yet, but I reckon the same
applies... any Military Action that is justified can be paid for by
taking as much of the Aggressors' land and organs and slaves as the
Victim Army feels is proper recompense.

I suggest it wouldn't take many such Fines for perps to decide to get
into another line of work.

In terms of national defense, you may find this of interest.
                                                             Tu Ne Cede Malis 

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