> For one example of how to use the 2.0.1-alpha API, you could have a
> look at chapter 1 of
>      http://www.wangafu.net/~nickm/libevent-book/ .

Would it be possible to link that book on
http://monkey.org/~provos/libevent/ ? I've long googled for such
reference material but didn't find any

> That's still a pretty ungainly way to do a server, though.  In
> 2.0.2-alpha, there will be a new "evconnlistener" API to wrap most of
> the busywork of listening for new connections.  I've attacked a quick
> echo server written with it to this email.  [It works for me on Linux;
> haven't tested it anywhere else.]

Ah cool thanks! I'll try it out.

> I hope we can get Libevent 2.0.2-alpha released this week.  Until
> then, you can use subversion to fetch the latest code from the
> repository at
>   https://levent.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/levent/trunk/libevent

One think I don't understand about buffer events (I haven't read the
source yet): If i call

struct evbuffer *input = bufferevent_get_input(bev);

and then read the contents of input by calling bufferevent_read, is
there a way to not remove the data from the input buffer? Perhaps I
just want to look at it if it's enought to parse and if not wait for
another call of my echo_read_cb? Or do I have to read the input buffer
into another buffer to preserve it?

If I have to read/write the buffers into each other, are the contents
copied each time?
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