Hi, there,

I'm reading evhttp's source code, and I'm not sure if I've found a bug, or I
just mis-read it. But it seems to me, when I do chunked encoding on
response, I'd call three functions sequentially somehow,

evhttp_send_reply_start(req, ...);
evhttp_send_reply_chunk(req, ...);
evhttp_send_reply_end(req, ...);

Here's the problem, if any of the 1st two fails to send some packets, i.e.,
evbuffer_write() returned -1 or 0, it will call evhttp_connection_fail(),
which will free the request eventually if connection needs to be closed by

Now, how does my subsequent call know "req" is freed? Wouldn't that cause
crashes, if I simply call those 3 functions in a row? Or did I miss some
correct way of calling them?



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