I am trying to build from source but am getting errors
-bash-4.3$ grep -n  AM_GNU_GET /tmp/t

2595:m4/guestfs_libraries.m4:145: warning: macro 'AM_GNU_GETTEXT' not
found in library
2598:m4/guestfs_libraries.m4:145: warning: macro 'AM_GNU_GETTEXT' not
found in library
2600:configure:57872: error: possibly undefined macro: AM_GNU_GETTEXT
3834:./configure: line 57872: `AM_GNU_GETTEXT(external)'

Dockerfile contents

FROM fedora:latest
RUN dnf update -y
RUN dnf -y install 'dnf-command(config-manager)'
RUN dnf config-manager --set-enabled 'updates-testing'
RUN dnf update -y
RUN dnf group install -y "C Development Tools and Libraries"
RUN dnf group install -y "Development Tools"
RUN dnf -y builddep libguestfs
RUN cd / && git clone https://github.com/libguestfs/libguestfs.git
RUN cd /libguestfs && ./autogen.sh

Same problem if I build from stable branch.
RUN cd / && git clone -b stable-1.36

Any hints?

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