This is my second attempt at this.  The first version (also not
working) was here:

In part 1/2 I introduce a new .ready_to_serve plugin method which is
called after forking and just before accepting any client connection.
The idea would be that plugins could start background threads here.
However this doesn't work well in practice because plugins which do
start any background threads seem to always get a segfault at
shutdown, with a race between __nptl_deallocate_tsd and some code
being unloaded (I'm not sure exactly what).

Part 2/2 restructures the VDDK plugin.  This time I fixed the message
passing so it doesn't deadlock as it did before.

I thought that this patch might have solved the other VDDK problem we
have around "Resolve Host" taking so long, but in fact it does not fix
that either.  (VDDK is still broken, news as 11).

Anyway I don't think there's anything worth saving here.  I'm mainly
posting it so we have a back up.


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