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> Hello,
> I've been working on reduced basis problems, in particular the
> reduced_basis ex3. To improve the accuracy of integration of an exponential
> function, I want to set a high order for the Gaussian quadrature rule.
> However, I found that the order of quadrature was decided by the FE_Type
> object and I wonder if there is a way to allow the user to decide what
> order rule is used for the integration. Thanks for your response.

The reduced basis code uses the FEMContext to define the quadrature rule.
To vary the quadrature order that is used by the FEMContext you can either set
the integer extra_quadrature_order in your System, or you can use
the extra_quadrature_order argument to the FEMContext constructor.

I suggest you refer to System and FEMContext for more info about this.

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