On Mon, 9 Apr 2018, 서승진 wrote:

I tried to reinstall the libmesh with PETSc 3.2 ver. (instead of PETSc 3.8.3 

What was wrong with the PETSc 3.8.3 installation?  I admit I'm on
PETSc 3.7.6 right now myself, but I believe our other developers were
keeping our support up to date with PETSc 3.8 last year.

PETSc 3.2 is new enough that we still support it in *theory* (I
believe we only removed support for PETSC 2.3.2 and earlier in
2016...) but in practice everyone is using newer versions and a
compatibility error with 3.2 might have slipped in at some point.

Which version of libMesh are you building?

then, some error occur at Makefile. the error log is followed;


Makefile:15309: 'src/numerics/libmesh_dbg_la-sparse_matrix.lo' command failed 
for the target.

This tells us *which* file failed to build, but not *why*.  There
should be some compiler error message which precedes this message and
which has more information.
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