Thank you.

I upgraded to slepc 3.8 and it is configured correctly now.


On 04/16/2018 10:14 AM, John Peterson wrote:

On Fri, Apr 13, 2018 at 5:13 PM, Michael Povolotskyi < <>> wrote:

    Dear libmesh developers, I have a hard time to configure libmesh
    with SLEPC.

    This my configuration command:

    TSC_ARCH=linux F77="mpif77" CC="mpicc" GCC="gcc" CXX="mpicxx"
    --disable-tetgen --enable-triangle --enable-slepc
    --disable-nemesis --disable-strict-lgpl --enable-parmesh
    --enable-amr --enable-shared=yes --disable-glibcxx-debugging
    --enable-tecplot ;

It appears your SLEPc is not installed correctly, as this line states:

    No such file or directory

That is, line 22 of the slepc_variables file refers to a (probably non-existent) PETSc build in /depot/kildisha/apps/brown/nemo5/libs/petsc/build-real.

Is it possible you recently rebuilt PETSc and SLEPc and your SLEPC_DIR environment variable still points to an old SLEPc?

    Please, advise. The config.log is attached.

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