Hi All, 

I meet a problem that guest can't boot into rhel6 after installation or rhel6 
can't be installed in guest if the guest has only 1GB memory and has no swap 
partition, I know this is not bug because rhel6 systems with low memory(1 GB 
and less) and less than the recommended amount of swap space may have issues 
ranging from low responsivity up to and including complete inability to boot 
after the installation 
I see virt-manager built for rhel7 could adjust memory to 4096M when create 
windows guest , but the default memory size always will be set as 1024M when 
create linux guest in virt-manager, customers may don't know rhel6 need to 
create swap if memory < =1GB, I think the default memory size 1GB is not 
appropriate when create rhel6 guest in virt-manager, besides, virtualbox has a 
related bug about this h ttps://www.virtualbox.org/ticket/8490 , customer has 
thought default memory setting is too low to install rhel6 in guest 
Could we improve the size of default memory for rhel6 guest to 2048M so that 
customer doesn't need to care about whether need to create a swap partition if 
mem < 1G and it will reduce the risk of failure installation in rhel6 guest 

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