this release comes with a new function flag PSL_TYPE_NO_STAR_RULE to be
used with psl_is_public_suffix2().
It disables the PSL 'prevailing star rule' and thus returns false for
TLDs that are not explicitly listed in the PSL.

The new flag makes only sense in combination with either PSL_TYPE_ANY,

Thanks to Claudio Saavedra (libsoup), who was the driving force behind
this change.

22.02.2018 Release V0.20.0
  * Remove hard-coded gcc flag in Makefile.am
  * Prevent excessive CPU cycles on large inputs
  * New flag PSL_TYPE_NO_STAR_RULE to skip star rule

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Getting the Source Code
        git clone https://github.com/rockdaboot/libpsl

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Regards, Tim

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