Hi ladies, 

now that we have this mailing list, IRC channel (be prepared for my daily dose 
of feminist linkspam :)) and Telegram group set, I'd say it's time to think 
about some mission statement for us

i.e. why are we here, what is it that we want to do, what are our goals. I'd 
eventually like to have some article about LibreLadies on official TDF blog, 
before that, we need at least some wiki page with $subject.

At the end, someone else has to write it (because I can only write code ... 
okay, maybe also scathing code reviews :)), but let me at least provide some 

Some answers to "Why Question" are here: 

Some sample statement of purpose here:
(presumably we don't want to exclude men, right?)

But just as I'm strongly against copy'n'pasting the code ;) I'd oppose if we'd 
just copy'n'pasted the above w/o much thinking, so I'd suggest that those who 
feel like (also men! if there are any) can state their motivation, why they 
came here in the first place and we take it from there. Maybe some common 
patterns emerge

I'm here, on LibreLadies ML, because:

1. After 15 years in FLOSS and some 10 years of being IT professional, I 
always felt lonely being frequently the only woman in a team, on an event, or 
simply in a group. Seeing other women around makes me feel less lonely, less 
exceptional and more included.

2. I'm old :) so I don't really search mentoring or need to see female role 
models anymore. However, I'm painfully aware of how much younger women need 
both of that, so I'd like to be there for them. By being part of LibreLadies 
I'm making myself more visible for that purpose.

3. Sometimes I just need to vent my frustration about some male hackers 
unaware of their privilege, or about sexism 2.0 and I believe this is the 
place where people (instead of slapping their foreheads and asking "Wtf are 
you talking about?") will relate and understand


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