--- Comment #17 from Pedro <> ---
I do agree that the Notebookbar should not be accessible untill it is
considered to be usable enough at least in the three main modules (Writer,
Impress and Calc) and maybe in Draw as well.

But that doesn't invalidate the discussion for making these default toolbar
layouts already available to become discoverable.
But I guess that having them under the View Menu is already a lot better than
having them buried in:

Tools --> Options --> View

I just wanted to see it even less buried. But if it's not feasible then I won't
push for more.
Maybe move the selection of icon set and icon size to the View Menu as well
For visually impaired users it would probably be easier to change icon size if
it was under the View menu which is much more accessible than under 3 submenus.
And the icon set would be another interesting option.

The issue then is that the View menu would have too many subcategories.

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