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It is not a bug, rather more a feature request, as the feature did not exist
already when the LibreOffice project came into being. As Robert has correctly
stated in comment 1, new fields are currently always added to the end of the
table definition, so the UI does not currently cater for the possibility of
adding new fields before/after other fields or changing the order of fields in
a database table.

Should such a feature be enabled ? Yes, absolutely, as the UI seems, at least
in appearance from the context menu, to allow this. Confirming that this indeed
is a feature request. Whether or not this is high on the list of priorities for
Base is another matter. The current feature deficit can be resolved by
resorting to SQL commands via the Tools > SQL menu entry, so there is a
workaround. Consequently, this RFE is probably not going to feature as a high
priority, unless someone volunteers to do the coding.

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