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The following is only my opinion:

Killing this menu entry in favor of the master slides seems to me the best for
the following reasons:

* The Insert/Page Number adds no additional feature: the same results can be
achieved by working on the master slides directly.

* Dealing with the master slides or master notes (don't know if it's the right
name in English) looks easy to understand, it's straightforward: you see the
item/field on the master slide, it displays on the slides, if it isn't there,
it doesn't display on the slides.

* The feature adds unnecessary complexity to how master slides work: to figure
out if your page number will display, it must be in master slide AND enabled in
the page number dialog ... seems a bit complicated for the average user who
could easily think it's a bug. It also makes master slides confusing since you
can get a result different than what is displayed in the master slides view.


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