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> [...] And the crosextra fonts seem to lack
> the necessary kerning information, which seems to be the issue here. [...]

But then, maybe there is a second, additional issue: That no automatic kerning
is applied for a font which lacks the manual kerning information? While kerning
is requested via character configuration.

(That is, if it's possible to detect for a font if it includes the kerning
information/tables. But then, what if a font provides that information only for
a subset - e.g. western, Cyrillic, but not Greek or other. I guess it would be
the responsibility of the font designer to use an "all or nothing" approach -
i.e., if including kerning information, then for all desired subsets, otherwise
not include anything at all, in which case the kerning could be done
automatically. I don't know much on the topic though.)

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