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The screenshot that you have attached highlights the problem.

Let me clarify ...

In English language and many Indian languages numerals are written as 1 2 3 4 -
in Libreoffice these have been called as 'Arabic' numerals.

In Hindi, Marathi, Nepali languages written in Devanagari script, numerals are
written as १ २ ३ ४. For Hindi language documents, similar to the test case I
submitted, numerals are displayed like this when 'System' option is chosen for

In the Middle East, the Eastern Arabic numerals are written as   ١‎ - ٢‎ - ٣‎
-٤‎ . In LibreOffice, these are called 'Hindi' Numerals - since per wikipedia
they are called as such.

Please see - Modern Devanagari,
Hindu-Arabic and Arabic-Indic headings.

The confusion is caused, when using a Hindi locale and Hindi language, I create
a document and the numerals in numbered lists, in table of contents are
displayed as 'Hindi' numerals i.e. Eastern Arabic numerals.

I am attaching three images, 
one shows the incorrect rendering (from Hindi language point of view) when
Hindi numerals are chosen. I have circled the numerals in red circles.
The second shows the correct rendering from Hindi language point of view, I
have circled the numerals there in black circles.
The third screenshot just shows the locale setting.

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