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I just wrote an essay over 40,000 words long, over 80 pages long. Using Writer
without regex, how would I find which sentences or paragraphs are longer than
some given number of words? Usually, I don't need to find out if a chosen
sentence is too long; I need to find which sentences are too long. The feature
should check the whole document (or a large selection).

Min and max are good ideas (typing a period where a comma was intended could
produce a too-short sentence and max could find those) but I might call them
something else to be clearer to ordinary users, like "too long" for maximum and
"too short" for minimum, as that would clarify why you would want to set those

I didn't find a way to do the length evaluation in Tools > Options > Language
Settings > Writing Aids and either (Writing Aids >) Available Language Modules
> Lightproof Grammar Checker (English) or (Writing Aids >) Options. (Options >)
Check Grammar As You Type is already checkmarked on and it's not doing this.

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