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> Does smooth scroll (in the expert configuration) set to true or false change
> something?
> From my side, under Ubuntu 16.04 x86-64 on a Dell Latitude, I do not feel
> the scrolling with the touchpad too fast.
> Best regards. JBF

Smooth Scroll did not change anything.

Here are two gifs to help explain what I'm experiencing. This first gif is
scrolling Chrome; it is the speed at which all apps (other than LibreOffice)

This next gif is scrolling in LibreOffice. I am doing the exact same motions on
my trackpad, but notice how much farther and faster the page scrolls. Again,
I'm doing the same thing in both gifs with my trackpad, but notice the change
in scrolling speed. I am scrolling via the two-finger gesture, and I'm moving
my fingers across the trackpad quite slowly (standard scrolling motion, not
flicking quickly). It's incredibly difficult to navigate LibreOffice because of
how fast it jumps through pages when scrolling.

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