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Consider the case when page margins change. There is no way, using only the
paragraph properties to mimic the "align right" checkbox to keep numbers
aligned all the way to the right of the text paragraph area. If we were to use
only the "Tabs" tab for the Contents N style, then, reducing the page right
margin would leave numbers not really aligned to the rightmost area.

If you allow a suggestion: if I were a dev, this is what I would do:

1. Allow for a "%" unit in the [tabs] tab for the Position value. This would
mean "percentage of the paragraph text area". "Align right" would be stated as
Position: 100% with Type: right. This has uses beyond ToC.

2. Modify "Fill character" and "Tab stop position" so they are just another
interface to the Nth tab defined in the "Tabs" tab for the "Contents X" style.
So changing either will do the appropriate thing and reflect the changes
accordingly on the other dialog.

Of course this has further implications, like file format, import and export
filters, etc.

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