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Additional details:
a. The issue does not occur if the file is opened in MS Excel 2003
(automatically converted to .xls) on the test step 5 in comment 1. Checking the
cell formatting, it's shown as "User-defined", but 000\.000-0 (instead of
000"."000"-"0) after the test step 5.

b. In LO, the entered number format will after the test step 2 appear as
"Number" category (instead of "User-defined") with "Format" -000.123-4, but
"Format code" showing 000"."000"-"0 correctly. After step 5, the latter shows
000,000-0 instead.

c. If the entire test is done in MS Office Excel 2003, the entered number
format will after the test step 2 correctly appear as "User-defined" category,
showing the format as it was entered: 000"."000"-"0 . And it stays that way on
test step 5. (Using the .xls file format!)

- The de-DE format locale was tested, which uses a comma for decimal and a
point as thousand separator, which is reflected in the "Format" suggestions of
the "Number" cell formatting category.

- Although LO 4.0.4 detects the same formatting category as the current version
(as "Number" category with "Format" -000.123-4, instead of the "User-defined"
category), it shows the "Format code" as 000\.000-0 after the test step 5 like
MS Excel 2003, thereby displaying the number correctly in the cell.

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