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I checked this problem. That's true it comes up with my commit
(f4ae06c6b558628457f3abdade1f2a705bf8b886), but not this commit is the problem.
If you check the table positions you will see.
1) Open the document in MS Word and go to Table Properties -> Positioning. You
can see table is positioned with 2,27" vertically, relative to page.
2) Open the document in Writer and open Frame dialog. In Writer a floating
table is a simple table inside a frame. The floating table position is defined
by the frame. So try to select the frame containing the table. In Frame dialog
select Type tab which shows the positioning.
2.1) Now you can see 2,27" vertical positioning relative to entire page (the
same as in MS Word)
2.2) After reverting the commit f4ae06c6b558628457f3abdade1f2a705bf8b886, this
positioning value will be 1,29", which is wrong.
That wrong positioning was corrected by the bisected commit. Since the imported
position value seems good, there can be some problem with the rendering (not
precise enough?) or with the wrapping behavior.

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