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The behavior Joel is experiencing can be explained with a simpler example:

1. Start a new Writer document.

2. Type "abcde" and hit Enter.

3. Set size to 36, type "12345" and hit Enter.

4. Set size to 72, type "ABCDE" and hit Enter.

5. Select "2"; copy; place cursor between "b" and "c"; paste. Number "2",
originally big is pasted big.

6. Select "d"; copy; place cursor between "3" and "4"; paste. Letter "d",
originally small is pasted big. Wow!

7. Select "D"; copy; place cursor between "4" and "5"; paste. Letter "D",
originally giant is pasted giant.

What's happening: "2" had a DF[*] applied and the DF gets copied along with it
onto the target. However, "d" does not have any DF, so it gets pasted without
any overriddance on the target paragraph. Technically, the program is behaving
but it's counter-intuitive.

The problem does not happen if in step #2 we set size to 12 before writing
"12345". It makes sense why.

So, just to be picky with Joel's conclusion "c)": in the current state of the
art, the DF *is* maintained in the sense that the original paragraph had Font
and Indent as DF and *got kept*. But it didn't have any Color or Underline
setting as DF (it was "auto/inherit") so it got inherited from the "format to
apply if I just started to type".

>From a strictly technical PoV this is correct behavior. I agree though that
this is visually unexpected and should be improved.

[*] Direct Formatting

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