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--- Comment #10 from Aron Budea <> ---
Hi Joerg, I tested both images with v5.2.1.2, and "graph" (filename: test.emf)
looks exactly the same imported in Writer as it is when opened in Paint.
"Copper phthalocyanine molecule in vector format" still looks wrong, that's why
the report is still open (and it seems the two issues weren't related).

If you think you got some good examples of this bug, feel free to upload
example files, or if you think yours is different, file a new bug report. Even
if the title suggests this is some kind of generic bug report, it isn't, and
generally each issue is supposed to go in a separate report.

Note that currently there are more than 11k issues open in LibreOffice
bugzilla, and unless someone takes particular interest in this, the chance of
significant improvement in EMF handling is slim.

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