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--- Comment #4 from Aron Budea <> ---
Confirmed, "slow big file" loads ~45s in v5.2.1.2  / Windows 7. "nice fast
file" loads in 2s.

It must be something with Styles / Conditional Formatting. When I click select
View -> Styles and Formatting, LibreOffice hangs hogging a core.

Raymond, can you check what the difference is between the two files that is
related to styles and formatting?

I made a 100s limited performance measurement with the slow file, two functions
stand out:
sc\source\core\data\patattr.cxx:EqualPatternSets(...) 49% / 45%
sc\source\core\data\table1.cxx:AddCondFormat(...) 14% / 14%

There's been a performance fix in AOO for EqualPatternSets(...), but the import
of that change was rejected:
(it claims ~10% improvement for their test file, anyway, not very significant)

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