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> please explain how to do and I do it
> corrado

Hmm, well the usual way would be to find and download a debug-enabled build of
master source code tree from here :

However, there don't appear to be any debug-enabled builds in any of the Mac
machine directories at present, so you are going to be stuck unless you can
build LibreOffice yourself from source.

If you do manage to get hold of a recent debug-enabled build for OSX, you can
try running it in a lldb debugging session.

>From the console :

lldb /Applications/

wait for lldb to start and initialize the debugging environment, then at the
lldb prompt, type :


and LibreOffice will try and start. If it fails to starts, messages will be
displayed on the console output. If you get a message like SIGSEGV or SIGABRT,
you could try typing :

bt all

and pressing enter. It might take some time to produce output on the screen, so
be patient. When the output has stopped appearing on the console, you can copy
and paste the whole ouptu into a text file, and then attach that file to this
bug report.

You can quit a lldb session by typing :


and you will be asked if you want to quit the running process (assuming that LO
is indeed still running).

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