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my bug 102230 just got closed as a duplicate of this, and since this thread has
gone quiet i thought i'd add my 2c.

if i put the cursor in a text heading, right-click and chose "Edit Style...",
then add underlining, see the example text gain underlining, then chose OK and
not see my change take effect in the text, i'm going to assume there's a bug.

i appreciate the underlying issues are complex, but i definitely did not intend
for nothing to happen when i performed my actions.

if there is no agreement as to what should be applied[*], could Writer provide
a popup warning with enough info for the user to determine what their choices
are and how to achieve them?  (ie, how to get the formatting they're trying to
apply to be applied in whatever way they really want.)

[*] eg, the "Edit Style..." dialog could have a checkbox to indicate whether to
"merge or replace formatting" or somesuch.

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