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--- Comment #7 from Yousuf Philips (jay) <> ---
(In reply to Heiko Tietze from comment #6)
> If we start with non-printable characters I wonder what feature we will not
> accept.

Well as this feature should already be in writer, i'd give an exception for
this one, but whether a feature will or not be acceptable will always come down
to how feasible it is to achieve from a coding perspective and whether ODF
supports the feature.

@thorsten, @armin, @maxim: Any thoughts on how feasible this is?

> How about numbering? (IIRC there are feature requests)

No idea about this.

> Do we want highlighting (background and foreground color per character)?

We already have this.

> Can a paragraph/character style applied to the text box?

We do have graphic styles in impress/draw, which can be considered similar to
paragraph styles. For writer, i think that paragraph and character styles
should be available in textboxes, just like they are available in frames and
sections, as well as being good for MSO compatibility.

> Do we allow embedding of objects?

We do allow object embedding (e.g. chart, formula) or am i missing something?

> Should the text box have an area fill style?

Graphic styles include area fill.

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