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Saving a file (I am working in Libra calc) which has cells that I want to have
double lined borders (top & bottom) with dotted lines on verticals over several
cells. On re-open they have not saved. I have tried on 3 diff machines and the
only way i can get them to stay on is to export it as a PDF.
Steps I Took
1) Highlighted 5 cells
2) Right click, format cells, cell protection, untick 'protect cells' click ok
3) Right click, format cells. borders,set all outer and inner borders, set     
 vertical borders as dotted lines and top and bottom as double lines. press ok
4) Right click, format cells, protection tick protect cells click ok
5) Tools, protect document, sheet, untick select protected cells, click ok
6) Save document as ods and close
7) Re-open border has not saved
I am on version also noticed it saves as a ODS not ODC

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