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--- Comment #4 from Maxim Monastirsky <> ---
I can reproduce it. The "Refresh Tables" menu item is disabled when Base is
started, because it defaults to the "Forms" mode. One has to switch to "Tables"
to enable it, but the native menu state won't update until the next time the
menu is activated.

This used to work, but was unintentionally broken with:

commit 15436c009e756dd4c94046f9849ad5a186454af8
Date:   Tue Jun 7 13:31:12 2016 +0100

    gtk3: move the updating of native menu to right after its activated

    try fix that view->toolbars isn't in sync

    Change-Id: I095be3003f076193878f2c3ce2a2be5acbe0e33f

The problem is that the HUD implementation found in recent Ubuntu versions
doesn't support activation callback, so if we want to support it, we have to
keep updating the native menu structure in the background, not only when a menu
is activated. Actually that's the only reason we need to keep listening to
status updates in MenuBarManager all the time (as noted in commit

But the previous solution (of commit 2abdcfd641883f246fe78f2fbe38499c9382c059)
to update the whole submenu at any status update, is far from ideal, and seems
to create a performance hit when starting Writer. So probably it would be
better to update only the changed menu item immediately at the status update -
for at least the title and enabled state. I tried to do this but got lots of
warnings like "GLib-GIO-CRITICAL **: g_action_group_get_action_enabled:
assertion 'G_IS_ACTION_GROUP (action_group)' failed" printed to the console.
I'm not entirely sure what to do with this.

@Caolán: Any thoughts on this? How (if at all) should we handle this?

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