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(In reply to Markus Mohrhard from comment #30)
> This is not a bug. There is somewhere an enhancement request to allow
> combining equal conditional formats but doing it automatically is surely
> completely wrong and will cause bugs.
While one can argue about this being a bug or rather an enhancement, one thing
is clear: NOT automatically combining DOES cause bugs (as seen in the issues
marked as duplicates of this bug). So lowering the priority is no good signal

There are two fundamental approaches to tackle these bugs:
(1) Automatically combining equally formatted cells (like this bug proposes),
(2) eliminate the concept of conditionally formatted cell ranges and make all
conditional formatting a normal per-cell property.
The first approach is probably somewhat harder to implement, yet the second one
might add more bloat if many cells use the same conditional formatting.

However, a separate function for the combining is still a good idea. It'd be
guaranteed to not break things unless explicitly called. And combined with an
option to call it automatically after any changes to conditional formatting, it
would probably satisfy everyone.

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